• 2022, November 9th

    Kathe C*, Skinnider M.A.*, Hutson T.H.*, Regazzi N, Gautier M, Demesmaeker R, Komi S, Ceto S, James N.D., Cho N, Baud L, Galan K, Matson K.J.E., Rowald A, Kim K, Wang R, Minassian K, Prior J.O., Asboth L, Barraud Q, Lacour S.P., Levine A.J., Wagner F, Bloch J, Squair J.W., Courtine G.

    The neurons that restore walking after paralysis.


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  • 2021, September 27th

    Kathe C*, Michoud F*, Schönle P*, Rowald A, Brun N, Ravier J, Furfaro I, Soloukey S, Hutson T.H., Paggi V, Kim K, Soloukey S, Asboth L, Hutson T.H. Jelescu I, Philippides A, Alwahab N, Gandar J, Hubert D, De Zeeuw C.I., Barraud Q, Huang Q, Lacour S.P. and Courtine G.

    Wireless closed-loop optogenetics across the entire dorsoventral spinal cord in mice

    Nature Biotechnololgy

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  • 2021, January 1st

    Skinnider M.A.*, Squair J.W.*, Kathe C, Anderson M.A., Gautier M, Matson K.J.E., Milano M, Hutson T.H., Barraud Q, Phillips A.A., Foster L.J., La Manno G., Levine A.J., Courtine G.

    Cell type prioritization in single-cell data.

    Nature Biotechnololgy

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  • 2016, October 19th

    Kathe C, Hutson T.H., McMahon S.B., Moon L.D.F.

    Intramuscular Neurotrophin-3 normalizes low threshold spinal reflexes, reduces spasms and improves mobility after bilateral corticospinal tract injury in rats.


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  • 2016, February 23rd

    Hutson T.H.*, Kathe C*, Moon L.D.F.

    Trans-neuronal transduction of spinal neurons following cortical injection and anterograde axonal transport of a bicistronic AAV1 vector.

    Gene Therapy

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